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When it comes to fashion suit made by bespoke tailors, you don’t generally need to take black for it to last long. Neutral colors, like, gray, navy and stone can revive your closet and they possess lasting power as well. The styles change a great deal every once in a while; you can now wear suits that are tailored with your skirt. Young ladies like making themselves feel ladylike for hanging more skirts. You can have your tailored made suits with a superbly fitted pencil skirt embracing the body in all the right places, and make you ravishing. If you are chunky or petite, pick a skirt that also skims the knee.

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a prescribed one to make you appear fashionable, elegant, gorgeous and pretty. Whether you are angel with curves or really petite, the fashion tailored skirts will embrace your curves and come in at the waist, making an hourglass shape as it glides your body. Since the tailored fashionable skirt have credentials that are classic they are perfect for office-to-gathering.

Flawlessly fitting, since 1590s the pencil skirt have left the spotlight, in spite of the fact that hemlines may rise above or go below the knee. You can likewise have the pencil skirt with casual elements or textures, such as paring with a T-shirt on top and sling a cowhide biker coat on. Connect with the best tailor in Singapore to have you any specially designed skirts toppings will fashionable suits for working outfit that is stylish.

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Straight Skirt

While without the basic class of the pencil skirt, straight skirt that is tailored – where the waist and the hem are roughly the same width – is a decent option for those less sure of their figure. If you select a good fabric, for example, wood gabardine as opposed to denim or heavy cotton, the in fashionable straight skirt is complimenting to every type of body. You can combine the top tailored suits with a pencil for any event.


With its flared shape and neat waist, the flared A-line skirt is the polar inverse to the fitted, thin pencil. It is in any case exquisitely elegant and favored by a large portion of icons of style from 1950s and 1960s who wore pencil skirts too. This shape is a perfect different option for a pencil skirt for those with bigger hips and can be worn with the very same kind of flawless sweater, cardigan or blouse.

We have bespoke garments for ladies, from shift dress, fashionable blouses, formal gray suit, straight skirt, capri pants, and Cheongsam.

We also offer tailor made services in Singapore for menswear shirt, a single or double-breasted suit, pleated or pinstripe menswear pant, seersucker or peak lapel blazer, or a shawl collar tuxedo for a formal function. The resulting bespoke suit will surely be a unique piece that is made for you.

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