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Just few costume tailored dresses in Singapore are valuable to the fashion cautious women as their daily dress. Normally a perfect dress doesn’t have timing, is flattering, versatile and comfortable. On the other hand, a terrible dress may be more unforgiving than some other outfit. Picking the perfect skirt shape, length, color and print can be daunting, especially faced with a wide array of styles; however the reign of the costume tailored dress in Singapore is because of its versatility, so once you make the right choice you won’t bother about finding a top that will match or a skirt. Pick a proper weight of fabric for the season and an costume tailored dress doesn’t need a cardigan or jacket to ruin the line, yet a decent basic gown can be “dressed” up or down as demanded by the occasion.

When you are considering a particular style of tailor made dress in Singapore, it is essential to know which cuts fits your specific body shapes furthermore, particularly if you don’t have boundless space or very high spending plan, which dress is the most flexible and can be adjusted for diverse events. The bespoke dresses mentioned below are specially designed for daily wear though some of them will work pretty much for better occasion.

Shift Dress

The shift may well be perceived as the current they equivalent of the daily simple sheath outfit put on by women in earlier centuries and it is generally as helpful. The main dress of the perfect dressed ladies wardrobe is the shift.

There are a couple body shapes that this style doesn’t compliment in the event that you take after some easy rule when selecting a shift. A shift closely fitted to the waist will benefit a little bust. Those with a bigger top half ought to settle for a dress that glides and not cling – the same with every dress, a well-fitting bra is vital. Ladies with thin hips may pick a skirt with more tulip-skirt; those with more extensive hips, an A-line shape or flared slightly.


Since the shift is equivalent to modern day working lady’s daily sheath, what is referred to commonly as a shirtdress or shirtwaist turned into the twentieth century’s response to the ruffled, frills and frilly and were all know with men just as women those days. The shirtwaist is an easygoing style, typically made of cotton, either printed or plain, is a helpful part of a Spring/Summer closet, for a casual and free style to wear for every kind of body shape.

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Sweater Dress

A slightly more up to date innovation and an undeniable cold climate equivalent of the popular shirtdress is the sweater dress. The best sweater have a tendency to be a less organized type of the shift – and obviously, with sleeves. Whatever shape and size, you ought to take advantage of the bunch of sweater dresses available. The sweater dress is very good one piece clothing that may be tidied up with a coat or jacket.

Wraparound Dress

This particular knitted jersey, wraparound dress is one of those remarkable shapes that fit various types of body. If you have large hips and bust and proportionally small waist, it will enhance your curves subtly and even ladies who are of the view that they cannot wear wraparound dress because they don’t have waist will miraculously see one show up with a dress that is well-fitting.

One last reason behind why you ought to add this dress in the closet is that it suits all age brackets. Young ladies can without much of a stretch take away the regularly showy colors and prints yet the style and dynamic quality is additionally a decent distinct option for the occasionally staid dress that is aimed for more aged ladies and will have an effect, whether worn in the workplace or to a very formal event.

We have bespoke garments for ladies, from shift dress, fashionable blouses, formal gray suit, straight skirt, capri pants, and Cheongsam.

We also offer tailor made services in Singapore for menswear shirt, a single or double-breasted suit, pleated or pinstripe menswear pant, seersucker or peak lapel blazer, or a shawl collar tuxedo for a formal function. The resulting bespoke suit will surely be a unique piece that is made for you.

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