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The tailored suit is the most important set of clothing in man’s wardrobe in Singapore. You should wear your suit regularly since the right suit can transcend mere dressing to confidence and authority. The best thing for having grey suit is that you can wear it for different occasions. You can wear a simple white or blue shirt to the office with the suit at the office. A grey suit can be worn with a strong patterned or dark colour shirt if you are late Friday night out. Pair with a casual polo shirt and sneakers with a grey suit for the weekend Sunday afternoon is not a bad idea as well.

Look for an experienced bespoke tailor to have two great custom-made suits. This is far better than having a few mediocre ones. Start with a midnight blue, a few shades darker and the navy. You can wear these tailor made suits regularly for any occasions, from meeting the parents, late night out, Sunday brunch to formal discussion at the office. These suits can be worn with black and dark brown shoes. They go with about everything. And, do your very best to find some short-and-tie combo that clashes with the right tailored suits.

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You could have the expensive suit on the market, but it doesn’t fit you properly. The suit shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, it should be gently hug your body without restricted you in any way. The tailored suit should have a trim line that follows the lines of your body. Some padding needed in the shoulders and seams fall among your shoulder. The lapels are meant to lay flat across the chest. Your sleeve length should allow some shirt cuff to show.

You need to do take some time and do research in finding the right suit for you. Not every individual will know how to judge in front of the mirror even with your suit put on. Engaging with an experienced tailor is needed for some professional advice. The beauty of bespoke tailoring service in Singapore is that counsel comes with the service.

We offer tailor made services in Singapore for menswear shirt, a single or double-breasted suit, pleated or pinstripe menswear pant, seersucker or peak lapel blazer, or a shawl collar tuxedo for a formal function. The resulting bespoke suit will surely be a unique piece that is made for you.

We also have bespoke garments for ladies, from shift dress, fashionable blouses, formal gray suit, straight skirt, capri pants, and Cheongsam.

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