Denim jeans have been in existence for less than 150 years. The invention of blue jeans has been attributed to Levi Strauss in the 1850s that he sold his eponymous blue jeans to the mining communities of California. During the second the World War, jeans were worn only by labourers needing the resilience of the reinforced trouser. Even though both men and women workers worn jeans in the factories during the war, men’s with a zip at the front while women’s at the side. Strauss dubbed these loose “waist overalls” design originally that far cry from fashionable close-fitting garments often seen nowadays.

In the 1950s, American denim was adopted as the uniform of choice by cowboys and was regularly seen in the movies, and jeans hit the fashion mainstream. Jeans were then becoming more common place in the 1960s and had been adopted as standard casual wear with different fits becoming more widely available in the 70s. Although there was not much improvement in the 1980s, but stonewash denim invented and a trend for denim jackets and shirts. The introducing of low waist jean in 1990s had given something new for women to worry about as tops were suddenly too short to cover stomach. But it had also become an advantage for young and toned women to have bellybuttons appeared uncovered look.

Today there are wide range endless choice of tailor made jeans in Singapore that can be dressed up or stylish casual. Most people wearing jeans for a laid back evening in a medium to dark wash and pair them with a collar shirt. Throw a polo and white or sports shoes for day time shopping expeditions in Singapore. Jeans can be worn with shirt and tie too. Wearing jeans with the accompaniments for a suit has become acceptable. It is better to wear medium to dark jeans if you want to look stylish dressing up with blazer for a slightly former occasion. You may want to wear a pair of dark tailor made jeans with a crisp white shirt and tie if you are aiming for a formal look in Singapore.

Some men like to wear jeans a little baggy while others prefer theirs on the tighter side. Both extremes can be taken entirely too far, there are plenty of options somewhere in the middle. So there is actually no perfect fit when it comes to jeans. It is advisable to know your body type to wear the right style with jeans that suit you. Don’t try to hide extra weight with baggy jeans and be honest to yourself about your waist size.

Blue tailor made jeans in Singapore are universally appealing and inky dark jeans can be elegant pair you can dress up with collared bespoke shirt and blazer for attending a meeting in the Friday afternoon. Recent years grey jeans has become a contemporary classic when worn with t-shirt and a black sweater. White jeans can be a little hard style to manage but you can always wear it pairing with simple and solid coloured shirt. Avoid at all costs acid-washes, printed jeans, embellished jeans, designer “ripped” jeans, or too saggy hang-down look if your intention is to always appear well dresses.

We offer tailor made services in Singapore for menswear shirt, a single or double-breasted suit, pleated or pinstripe menswear pant, seersucker or peak lapel blazer, or a shawl collar tuxedo for a formal function. The resulting bespoke suit will surely be a unique piece that is made for you.

We also have bespoke garments for ladies, from shift womenswear dress, fashionable blouses, formal gray suit, straight skirt, capri pants, and Cheongsam.

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