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We are the reputable and passionate bespoke tailors based in Singapore. We offer high quality bespoke tailoring and alteration services for men garments like for menswear shirt, a single or double-breasted suit, pleated or pinstripe menswear pant, seersucker or peak lapel blazer, or a shawl collar tuxedo for a formal function.

We also have bespoke garments for ladies, from shift dress, fashionable blouses, formal gray suit, straight skirt, capri pants, and Cheongsam.

Wearers of bespoke suits enjoy the feeling of possessing something entirely exclusive, not to mention the environment of calm and intimacy for the professional tailoring services provided take place. A bespoke garment fits you perfectly as compared with clothing that has been mass manufactured to a similar quality. The magic of bespoke tailoring services do not lie in the made-to-measure handcrafted garments alone, but it is conjured up through the enjoyment of a personalized service and the understatement with which the whole process is carried out. Below are the steps of the process:

Step 1 – The Beginning

The process begins with personal consultation at the showroom. Bespoke tailoring is concerned with individuality in the details. It takes into account the proportions of the client’s body shape, figures, personal fashion taste, and other finishing concerned. A handmade garment has a distinct advantage over ready-made that it is created from an individual cutting and materials chosen. All the measurements and detailed information will be filed for the current and the future client’s orders.

Step 2 – Measuring Up

The tailor takes the appropriate measurements and may use whatever the client is wearing as a starting point, even if the current dressing is not a perfect fit. Measurements are taken once the desired shape. A written note is made of all measurements as soon as they are taken while the tailor may have casual chatting with the client at the same time. Every tailor develops his / her own system of taking measurements over the years.

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Step 3 – The Cutting Plan

Some tailors will take the exact cutting out while some will leave the detailed cutting pattern for the first fitting. Any alterations that may arise from the first fitting. Time and cloth are both very valuable, a serious craftsman would use a tape measure on his client. The client should be happy with the contentment the first time that he / she sees themselves in the new garment. The great advantage of bespoke tailoring is that so much can be improved upon alterations and communication after the first fitting.

Step 4 – The Fittings

The fittings may take place in few rounds, especially for the new clients who have the first tailor made garment. The first fitting is always and exciting moment for both tailor and the customer. If you have a true passion for clothes, you will understand the sense of fitting excitement and the feeling of anticipation leading up to the event. Eventually, the satisfaction and the enjoyment of the client are always the priority of the tailor. It affects whether the tailor have succeeded in the business or not by making the client make a return to place a new order in future.

Step 5 – The Finishing

The garment has now finally been finished and pressed and is now presented to the client for the final fitting. You will probably be surprised at how closely the manufacture of a suit at a bespoke tailor’s can be tracked, if you are only used to buying ready-to-wear clothes. The tailors always aims to deliver their best work on his professional and passionate standards. Only if the client has no objections, many bespoke tailors will insert a visible label in their work these days.